Live, Laugh, Levitate

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m watching 14 Peaks, a stunning documentary about Nirmal “Nims” Purja, a high altitude mountaineer who cleared all fourteen eight-thousander peaks in just over six months.

It’s an inspiring tale and who can’t use a little inspiration on the final eve of the year?

I was thinking about the inspirationally-cliche art piece, “Live, Laugh, Love,” and how I’d alter the saying.

To me, to love is the given. You cannot live or laugh without love in your heart and for others.

So, I propose a mantra of “Live, Laugh, Levitate.”

Live your life. Really live it. Be present. Take chances. Connect with others. Be grateful and express gratitude for the life you have.

Laugh at the irrationality of life. Challenges will come, and challenges will pass. Find the light in it all and be light about it. Laughing is good for your mind, body and soul. Do it often. Have the confidence in yourself to be able to laugh at the challenges that are presented before you.

Levitate your life. Transcend, evolve, grow. Learn and internalize. Truly get over whatever those hardships may be. Sometimes the only way is through, but allow yourself to rise up above it all. Most of it will be petty. Find inspiration for your evolution in how challenging life can be.

So, cheers to 2023. Let’s make it great. Face the challenges and adversity.

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